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It all started from here - Miramar Street apartments, residence of Kanishka and Ranjita. Loading up the stuff into the Bravada, early thursday morning.
The first sights of the desert, as we stopped for lunch at Olancha.
Among the first points of interest we hit as we drove was this area, the Devil's Cornfield. Could not have been less like a cornfield, but then at Death Valley, everything is totally hard core.
'I was here' type of snap at the first photo point.
Roads in Death Valley are long and straight - we were really missing the steering lock on the car.
Sand Dunes. We tried to get closer, but then we had to head to a motel before sundown, the motel being another hundred miles away, and sundown being just a couple hours from now.
Sand dunes, from the roadside.
Our first sunset at DV, taken from the Visitors' Center.
Badwater. A huge, huge, flat area with massive salt deposits, and a little water. Some 230 feet below sea level, lowest point on continental US, second lowest in the world.
Closer to the sunset. It's still thursday.
Way early on friday morning - about 30 mins before sunrise. We were taking turns getting ready for the long trek.
At StovePipeWells - the nearest rest area towards telescope peak. From here, it's desert all the way to the top - some 50 miles away from here.
Charcoal Kilns, on the way to Telescope Peak. At the edge of 'rough roads' - beyond this, it's like driving through a ploughed field.
Trekking up the Telescope Peak.
Stunted vegetation en-route to the peak - at one of our (many) 'short rests'.
Everybody but I seemed to have massive tempo and stamina - crossing the 'meadow' region (some 3 miles of it), torawds the middle of the trek to the summit.
Close to the summit. Death Valley has it all - snow, mountains, trees, desert.
Yeeaaaaaaahhh! Reached the summit! None of us believed we could walk 7 miles, and 5000 ft, to the very top.
The view from the summit made it worth the trek.
More views on our way down.
Sunset on day-2, friday evening.
Las Vegas. The anti-parallel universe to Death Valley. Where there was darkness , there is light.
New York, New York. That's the casino, not the Big Apple. The replica of the statue of Liberty is actually larger than life - but then everything in Las Vegas shows over indulgence.
A street in Paris. Again, a casino. Entirely indoors, everything is fake - the skies, the trees, the breeze, the people. OK - not the people.
One of the stunning exhibits in the MGM Grand was this beast of a drag racing car - that can do 0-60 in 0.8 secs, and 0-200 in less than 2 secs, and does not turn, and is the fastest thing to move on land.
The huge lobby area in the MGM Grand. Probably larger than Grand Central terminal itself.
View from outside Paris, the casino. Again, replicas larger than life.
Inside one of the casinos.
The Bellagio. The most stately hotel on the Strip. With the musical fountain in progress.
Motor boating in San Diego.
Kanishka and Ranjita at the steering wheel in the boat ride.
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