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Nehru Hall people jiving sometime during SF98 - from the left - Anirban Banerjee (bando) (mechanical), Bikram Banerjee (vicky)(EE), Arindam Bhattacharya (adam)(energy), Debashish Mukherjee (debu)(EE). Class of 1998.
I was one of the heads of Juke Box in 1998 as well. Our juniors (volunteers under the heads) with the gizmos that were under my command for the timespan called SF98.
It was like a tradition to end the Spring Fest with a bonfire which continued to the early hours of the morning - sometimes we had some unplugged performers, other times everyone was too blown. Seen in this picture are (I would not try to point out - it's impossible) Rishikesh Pethe, Rajiv Jain, and others.
Different viewpoint, same excitement. Seen are Subham Sett, Suman Kaushik, Suranjan Ghosh, Sujoyjit Mondol, Arindam Bhattacharya, and others.
(from the left) Smita (energy), Govind Varshney (EE), Radha Iyer (EE), Karuna Prasad (EE) dancing to the tunes of the juke box. The SF was a rare time when everyone came out of their shells and had a nice time - something like "3 days of peace and music".
The Juke Box team of SF98 - (I forgot) (naval, 99), Vinay Ramani (CS, 98) (Head), myself (energy98)(Head), (I forgot)(energy 99), <Name Undisclosed> (mechanical, 98) (Head).
<Name Undisclosed> gloating overother people's cassettes. It took the three of us (Ramani, <Name Undisclosed> and I) 2 years of work to prove to KGPites that cassettes in responsible hands do not get lost, and that juke box can be a whale of a party.
See the party I was talking about? Juke Box 1998, on the TOAT stage. '97 was not as huge, not as organized - I believe we started the drive to make the juke box an event of not ein the SF, not jsut 'something that happens after the programs end'.
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