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Sitting with our immediate seniors, the "final years", to whom we remain forever as the "third years". Now that I sit here trying to write the names of people 7 years in the past, most escape me. There's Dhali with the cap, third from left, and Ramani with the leather jacket.
<Name Undisclosed>, with his glorious hair. The year next, he was clean shaven, hair trimmed. It was the freakiest thing to see him once the year started - like a total stranger.
Dhali and Ramani check out the speakers. Yeah, we think they'll be about loud enough. Then again, we'll probably be stoned, so we really need to make sure they are loud enough.
Seniors, juniors, batchmates. Care to fill in the names, if you know them? The one on the left was the first person to rag me at KGP, first year.
R to L: Vinay Ramani [CS 98], Vandala (Patiala) [99], Sumedha Mohan [99], self, <Name Undisclosed>[ME 98], and 2 juniors - volunteers for the juke box, enjoying our only return from the proceeds - a Waldy's treat. The best steamed rice with vegetables and fried half chicken in the world. Pity they closed down - good that they didn't as long as we were there.
Same as the above, with Veera B in my place. Did I get his name right?
Same group as before, having paan and probably bying suttas near the insti gate. This is not the guy with the grass - that's on the other side.
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