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A scene from a Bengali drama. Starring - left to right - Sujoyjit Mondol (chuduks), Shibabrata Mondol (shiba), Projesh Bhattacharya (panu), Partho Pratim Das (PPD), and someone I can't identify from the snap (sorry about that).
View of the main building from the Tagore Open Air Theatre - from above the projection at the very end. During one of the rounds of eastern groups performances.
Another view of the TOAT during the same eastern groups performance.
Fashion Parade, Spring Fest 1996. Paromita Biswas (Energy, 1999) and Kunal Rattan (Mechanical, 1998) doing the catwalk.
The Fashion Parade roundup - from left to right - Sarika Singh(99), Anamika Roy (97) Manish Joshi (96), Gunjal Goel (98), Kishan Gopal Dhal (KG Dhal, 98), Kunal Rattan (98), Ketal Dhurve (98), Paromita Biswas (99), Sumedha Mohan (99).
Another roundup - left to right - Anamika Roy, Gunjal Goel, KJ Dhal, Paromita Biswas, Ketal Dhurve, Sumedha Mohan.
Niraj Kumar Singh (manufacturing), Arindam Bhattacharya (energy), and Girish Narula (aerospace) standing before the Telegraph banner in SF 96. All from class of 1998.
Seshu (Seshadri Rajagopalan) and I in TOAT. Seshu was the VP (Vice President) of the gymkhana then - a major person-in-charge if the SF.
The bandwagon in SF96 - Niraj Kumar Singh, Arindam Bhattacharya, Dilip Bhattacharjee, Rajarshi Das, Girish Narula, Anirban Banerjee. Except for Dilip, rest Nehru hall, class of 98. General tempo shot in those glorious days of spring fest.
Some of the volunteers of SF96 with the boss (seshu) - from the left: top row: (chintu), Ujawal Sinha, Sharad Prakash, Seshu, Anindya Kundu, Shamik Roychowdhury, Rohit S. bottom: Amitava Sarkar (CKD) (became the VP 2 years from then - in 1997-98), ????, Vinod Bhatt.
The KGP band on stage in Wildfire 1996.
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