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Our old bungalow and garden in CFRI colony, Dhanbad, Bihar. That's the last picture of home I remember - my parents shifted to a (larger) place after I came here.
A view of our (ex-) front garden from my favourite perch - the second floor terrace.
This is the view of my school that every child has to see at least twice a day, standing on these lines, for 6 years (6th - 12th). De Nobili Main school (senior).
Another view of the same facade - from an angle. The right hand side has, from the top, 6th, 7th, and the plus-two, and the left has 8th, 9th, and the 10th grades (at least, that's how it was last time I saw it).
A view down the corridors that I grew up in - taken fromt he +2 side (the 'senior' side).
'Games period' - causing a sudden burst of white, steel grey and maroon. I took these snaps a fortnight before leaving India - 5 years after leaving school. Pleasant memories.
The favourite shades of the 11th and 12th graders to sit and talk away the free hours.
The shades are rightbefore our main field. This is where we had most major events. The field is a part and parcel of many memories - cycle races (some wo, some lost), tug of wars (some fought, some not), ...
It's funny how the only place where the school used to have the name was in the rear - towards the entrance of the 12th grade.
The 'dumbells' - where many stories of love were first sown. Some reaped, some not.
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