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One of the interesting moments in the short skit acted out by [????]. Though I came across a number of people complaining about the crass nature of the entire plot, I really found it interesting - possibly because I could identify myself with it ;). LTR: Khuzem, Sastry and Ajay.
Fashion parade???? Not my favorite version of it, though! Left to Right (LTR): Rahul, Minesh, Arindam, Diwakar and Muthu. [I'll use this space to thank Suresh for filling in the names of most people on this page].
Junta seated. LTR: Kinjal (behind), Shahid, Yashodhan, Anurag, Manish, Arindam, Niraj,Vikram, Atul.
Junta sitting pretty. LTR: Mekhala, Vrushali, Snigdha, Amit.
Junta sitting civil.LTR: Sriram, Avneesh, Sriram, Mohit, Murali.
Junta post scolding. Can see Thahseen, Raju, Minesh, Dhananjay, Khuzem, Raghavan, Tanveer, Sanjay, Budhaditya, Sambudha, Sachin, Sameer, Anirudh.
Junta in general. Way too many people - if you are in here, identify yourself.
Junta wondering what next. LTR: Ajay, Vikram, , Jeet, Shahid, Anurag, Kinjal, Atul, Arindam's kurta.
LTR: Sandhya, Mansha, Radhika.
Junta going 'Chhane ki kheth mein'. LTR: Ajay, Atu, Vikram, Yashodhan, Shahid, ?.
Junta high on caffeine. LTR: ?, Shahid, Yashodhan, Anurag, Arindam, Vikram, Atul.
Mansha Seth taking the stage
The hon'ble officials of Rigsa - LTR: Mansi, Purvi, Vidya, Priya. Kudos to them for pulling in this great event - albeit the minor gliches, all's well that ends well (specially with a free cordless phone).
Purvi Vora in command - I don't remember this particular moment, but judging by her pose, it must be one of those when we got scolded (she prefers calling the action as 'making a point')!
One of the best aspects of the evening was the excellent dinner. LTR: Praniti, ????...
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