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Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona. Whatever. Beginning of the trip.
US Post Office, Marble Canyon, AZ 86036: where we stopped for a break in the 5+ hour shuttle ride from the south rim to the north
Viewpoint, North Rim. Our only view of the north rim was in this late afternoon light, barely minutes before sunset
Sunset, north rim.
North Rim Lodge. They had some cool T'shirts, but then I didn't like the idea of hauling the goodies across the entire canyon bed the next day
Kraftwerk's Trans Europe Express. The Trans Canyon Shuttle that brought us from the South Rim to the North, at $60 per head, plus free nonsetop entertainment from the driver, of which I do not remember a word
Grand Canyon, Moritury Te Salutant "We who are about to die salute you". Well, more like "Screwed te salutant". Making packed lunches for the road
Armed with ziplock sandwich bags (quick seal!), ham, salami, cheese, butter, jam, a ton of white bread (sucks!), cucumbers, tomatoes, and the like, we set out to conquer the Grand Canyon
Behold! The great adventurers pose before the trailhead for the North Kaibab Trail. When asked "How long do you think you'll take to cross", we reply "no idea". 5:15am, North Rim.
About 6 miles down the hike. See that faint horizontal like about 2/3rd to the top? That's the South Rim, where we are headed. "To the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie"
Misty early morning light. The first rim - in the dark - is the inner canyon. The one far far away - visible in top right, in the light - is probably the south rim
Switchbacks. We had to cross several millions of these to get across. Yes, I double checked my count.
Supai Tunnel. Or whatever. Nothing very impressive. Just before the first bridge, I think.
About 5 miles down the trail, we reach our first bridge (seen far below). As per hike guidelines, should take about 20 mins to reach that bridge. I think we made it in time.
Almost there. The first bridge around the corner. We cross over from Kaibab Limestoke to the Hermit Shale, I think. Please correct me if I am wrong, though I could not care less.
We reached it! The first bridge. Enthu levels are still high, hence this high density of photographs.
First light from the sun falls on these peaks on the border of the inner canyon
Cocono overlook, or the Roaring Rapids.
Looking back from the Roaring Rapids, with the Kaibab layers above us. Few miles into the hike. Still in the inner canyon.
Definitely into the Hermit Shale layer now. Across the first bridge.
Hiking below the Peak of the Three Kings. Sorry - I made that up. No idea what this is called.
Now, that peak in the background - that has to be something famous. Will have to find out what it's called. They should give us zero weight audio guides in the hike
Same peak as above. If you know the name, why are you smiling instead of telling it to me?
Have we reached the Box Canyon yet? Pretty much there, I think. About 5 miles of shadowless sun awaits us
Somewhere between the north and sounth rims. Looking at the greenery and the shadows, probably before entering the box.
The fork - choose the 2 mile detour to the Ribbon Falls, or straight ahead to the regular trail (or back to Cottonwood Campground)
The choice is made, and we set off for the Falls.
Been There Done That, visiting Ribbon Falls, a 2 mile detour from the trek- unless you use your brains and go along 2 sides of the triangle, instead of back and forth the same way
Ribbon Falls was a nice, cool relief from the scorching sun of the Box Canyon, to come soon after
Ribbon Falls.
Funny looking plant between Ribbon Falls and Phantom Lodge
Looking up from the Phantom Ranch. The shop sells cold beer, lemonade, and food. Temperatures are nearing a hundred in the shade. Next time, just make a reservation here and split the hike to a few days
From the middle of the Silver Suspension Bridge, looking at the Black Bridge. There was some funda about the bridge written on one of the posts, but I have forgotten every bit of it now
River bed. Nice and cool winds. Walking in the shadows, mostly on soft wand beds.
View at both the bridges - black and silver. We came down the black and went up the silver. No wait - we didn't use the black at all this time
The mother of all exposed rock layers - the Vishnu Schist, below the Zoroaster Granite. Looked like another rock to me, but apparently this is very impressive.
Sunset, on our way up. See everything you can see? We walked all that. Everything.
Is this sunrise or sunset? Don't really know.
Don't know this one either. Looks like sunset.
This is definitely sunset. Peaks closer to the south rim are in view. The one in the distance is the prominent peak from the south rim.
The day after. Just had some food go into our system. We missed the previous day's dinner - after the 17.5 hour hike - because we were about an hour too late.
Complicated navigation and logging instruments that were used to record the progress of the hike. Surprisingly, the stupid manual pedometer gave a pretty good estimate
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