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One of my most succesful shots with my dad's Pentax. The Electrical Machines Lab at IIT Kharagpur is this huge, dimly lit place where we spent hours blowing 440V fuses and trying to connect circuits. A place of dread for the freshers - instances of people following flying files were common. 100ASA/1s/f22.
Another of my favorite photographs - taken during one of our trips to the HIjli train station. From the left, Ujawal Sinha, Smita, and Saptarshi Ganguly, class of 98, energy engineering. The train was Neelachal Express. Handheld Pentax K1000 (that's the standard for all my KGP snaps), 1/15, f/22, 100ASA.
Class of 1998 - Energy Engineering. From the left: Smita, D. Kalyan Srinivas, Dipak K Singh, self, Rahul Guha, Saptarshi Ganguly, our professor and mentor Dr V G Rau, Ujawal Sinha, Kamal Kumar, Adarsh. Missing - Anindya Roy, Arindam Bhattacharya, Anirban Sett, Saurabh Mukherjee.
Class of 1998 - Energy Engineering. Anirban Sett has taken my place, and I his (with the camera, that is).
Savinder Dip Singh Dhaliwal, C-323, during one of his (non) shaving moods.
Another group photograph of the batch - Sett, Dusi, Kamalda, Dipak, Arindam Bhattacharya (adam), Ujawal, Smita, Saurabh Mukjerjee, Saptarshi, Adarsh. Before the old institute Hunter.
Same group, on the train engine on display in the same vicinity - before the old institute. Relics from the past - near and far.
(from the left) Ujawal, self, Smita and Saptarshi before the old insti entrance. I think Sett took this photograph.
Kamalda beaming up the top-secret data to the spy satellites. Just kidding - that's the solar concentrator and photovoltaic panels - in one of the sessions of the Energy Lab.
We finally managed to get peopel together sometime during the session of the lab. Most people you've already seen before - the tallest addition is Anindya Roy. Missing - Adam and I.
Working with the wind tunnel experiment - Saptarshi, Saurabh, Dusi, Adarsh.
Nanu (chemical) and Sharad Prakash (Metallurgy) on top of C-block. Did I take this photo? Is that my leather jacket on Nanu? Memories fade ....
Anindya, Vinay Ramani (CS), and Prosenjit ('99, CS) standing befofe the grand collage in my room. General tempo shot.
A roundup of the system adminostrators of Sailab (System and Information Lab, dept. of EE) - from the left - Dipak K Singh (Perl and web-based guru), Arindam Bhattacharya (why?), Debasis Das (Unix guru - in charge of mail, etc.), M.V.R Kamath (head admin), self , Anirban Saha (why?), our professor - Dr Amit Patra, Bikram Banerjee (Unix), Govind Varshney (Unix - he hates windows), Sravan Kumar (Win NT guru).
Goutam Saha, a research fellow, took this snap of me in one of the Sailab high back chairs (prozed possessions of the admins) in Mainak Biswas's new Olympus bridge camera.
Dwellers of the dreaded C-first-mid of LLR Hall, 1998. From the left: Ujawal Sinha, ??, KKD, ??, Animesh Kumar, ??, Kamal Kumar, ??, Sharad Prakash.
Saptarshi, Ujawal, Anindya and I took a trip round the campus and beyond. In the national reserve towards Salwa.
'Extreme closeup' presenting Kamal Kumar. One of my most succesful closeups. In somebody's room, without flash.
Close-up of Anindya Roy
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