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Sunday the 14th, May 2000. Waiting for godot. Or, in this case, the car from Riverside Apartments. left to right: Sivapriya, Purvi, Jyoti, Manish, Arindam, Ashish, Snigdha, Rajeev, Pia (hidden), Johan, Shashank, Satish.
The Douglas Trail. Seems like we were saving more than our sanity - we were saving a pond as well!
When you are lost and confused, pose for a picture. It's a snap, really! People waving the map like a flag are obviously not in the mood of finding out the trail.
All energy, all excited. Right after we started on the Douglas trail. Soon, a major fraction of the energy would disappear as we would get lost, climb up gazillions of miles, and skid on every other step.
Rajeev taking the lead towards the Sunfish Pond.
Now this is just a pretty picture. Trees all around, and then some. Wish there were some black panthers up on these trees.
The trailing end of the trailers meeting the rest at the first rest point.
Boy, finally, a halt! I discovered that my breath is half as slow as I am when it comes to climbing up natural inclines in totally natural surroundings. We (my breath and I) travel at the same speed on mechanical vertical transportation machines, though.
Yeaaah! Destination at last! The board says there's a pond up here, just like the brochures did. Is there, really?
Which way now, huh? This? or that? When you say 'that', do you mean this? Or that?
The most welcome sight after the 90 minute trek uphill. Until we took the corner, we could not believe that a place this high up can have a clearing this big - and a lake at that, too!
Shashank pondering - do I jump? Do I? What about these ugly fish? Do they bite? Oh look - ugly slimy poisonous snakes moving in hoardes. Better leave the swimming to them and dig into the food hamper!
Same lake, higher altitude. This is as high as the land goes in this place .. and allows a view of the lake.
A different view of the lake and it's surrooundings from the same perch.
The new thing after skeletons in the closet - skeletons in the open air!
We discovered this stonehedge quite by accident - remains of a group of imaginative picnickers. Really spooky, specially as the dark seeps into the day.
Tiny little fish snake eating tiny little fish. The fish is about 2 inches long, the snake less than an inch wide.
Look what we found up in the Sunfish Pond! A Dalmatian, of all friends!
The rest are some closeups of a few members of the group - just for the heck of it. Here's Ashish Desai.
Johan Steensland, our leader.
Manish Mahajan making a pretty face.
Shashank Sathyanarayana looking all hassled.
Purvi trying to take a nap.
Ashish Giani at the lake.
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