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The 911 that won Ryoji's category
An old Audi on the tracks
Old race-class volvo
End of test lap - the pilot car has gone into the pits, and the cars start flooring the gas pedals
A kid bent on keeping her dad's car in shape
Starting grid, before the race, complete with the peacekeeper in place
Another lineup waiting to go. This is when all the engines are producing a deafening roar, most of the cars without the mufflers.
Ryoji's kids at the racetrack
Another race class volvo, this one in red.
Ryoji's 911 Targa
Ryoji's 911 Targa
These cars are built on snowmobile engines that can do extremely high rpms
A red triumph on the tracks. This is how races should be, me thinks - open top, the wind rushing by, the road within your reach
Another Triumph, this one at a local auto show
Mridul, Ryoji, and the kids chilling out before the race, sitting on Ryoji's trailer.
A Corvette zooming by
A stock Z3 that beat every other modified car in its category and won the race. No deafening sound, no stripped interiors, just performance and handling.
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