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The foundation stone of the new building.
A view from the side of the old central library, towards the new library annexe. The new library now hosts the journal section and the electronic library.
The new (1997?) building for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. One of the modern buildings on the campus.
Martyr's corner - before the old institute building.
The tower of the institute - viewed from behind (Energy Lab, etc.). There was a coffee booth set up in the vicinity in our final year (1998) - is that still there?
A more ridiculous view of the same.
The old institute building and the area in general.
A more frontl view of the same.
A silhouette of the old institute taken from the watch tower on it's right, at the very end of the campus.
One of the most photogenic exhibits of the Nehru Museum.
Another view of the prison cells.
For those who have never been to this corner of the campus - the solitary cell is the small kennel like structure towards the left of the photograph. If someone created chaos in the prison cells (ablve), they were confined to this cell in the mddle of nowhere. Not even a shouting distance from anything inhabited.
The area in general to the rear of TOAT (Tagore Open Air Theatre).
One of the paintings on the rear wall of the stage of TOAT.Sometime in 1997. The painting was made for the Spring Fest.
The Vinod Gupta School of Management - a very photogenic building in a generally plain campus.
Election time. As far as I remember, this was in 1998. The frenzied poster making, actions and retaliations, fighting for empty spaces, newspapers reserving blocks of empty air.
Another moment from the same time frame. I believe someone had torn a poster a day before this, and blamed it to the wind. Try reading the reply - "Posters can be torn, images can not". I loved these relatiations so long as they remained purely on written media.
The hijli prison cells were renovated sometime in 1997. This was the only cell left open - my batchmate, Ujawal Sinha, and I freaked out one day. Even with full knowledge of the situation, it's scary to get into one of those and have the door close behind you.
LLR Hall taken from B-top-east. Sorry - B-roof-east. My wing was C-top-Mid, which is why that's the one the photograph is focusing on
The place that fed me for 3 whole years - the mess of Lala Lajpat Rai Hall (LLR). Ignore the blurred figures - the mess is the last place to suit a slow exposure.
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