Anniversary 2006 - Mystic, CT

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November 30, Thursday

December 1, Friday

Heading to Mystic, CT

The Mystic Aquarium

Our first stop in Mystic was the Mystic Aquarium.

Mystic Village

Dinner, some wine, and a movie

December 2, Saturday

Rise and Shine

Mystic Seaport Museum

Dinner Two, for Two

Mashantucket-Pequot Museum and Research Center

Our last place of visit - the Mashantucket-Pequot Museum and Research Center - turned out to be the best part of this trip. Even as we walked towards the single-storey museum building, we had no idea the museum was as big as it turned out to be - with its multiple underground floors and innumerable exhibits, each as detailed as it gets. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted except at the welcome gallery in the first floor. This museum requires at least a day to go through - with the half day we had left, we had to skim through a lot of the galleries. Among the notable exhibits - there's a gallery with a detailed hunting scene from the Indian days, with multimedia presentations on touch screens all around that take the visitor through the details, and a complete Indian village - with life-size figures of the inhabitants, and audio guide to walk you through each exhibit.

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