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Downtown LA as seen fro the conference center. The Apple ad in Figueroa is pretty interesting - the third panel is recessed, and is visible only from a frontal view.
The impressive entrance to SigGraph 99 - at the Los Angeles Conference Center.
The main lobby of the conference, with the booth for SigGraph 2000, and more. Seemed like a constant pandemonium down here when the session was in full steam.
The huge registration hall gives an idea of how massive the conference was. This entire floor was packed during the first few days.
The food court was generally packed - during lunch and beyond. Given the limited options, cheese burgers and fries sounded delicious to the hungry attendees.
The magical atmosphere created by smoke, mirrors and lasers. At the Millenium Motel, SigGraph 99.
The sound and light show at the Millenium Motel. Pulling the strings to create music was fun.
A closer view of the same.
The Exhibition was a major oart of SigGraph - this is where hundreds of companies demonstrated their latest products, etc.
One of the enticing 3D 'printouts' on display. The 'print' is made layer by layer, by depositing a powder and printing with a binging solution.
Another example of the above technology at work.
The Intel booth at the exhibition.
A single printout from a gigantic printer. Anybody remember the dimensions?
Nikhil Gagvani (IITKGP, Rutgers, Sarnoff, my senior) in one of the SigGraph corridors.
Danielle DeLeon dancing away with an aquatic creature.
Waiting for one of the 12 SigGraph shuttles.
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