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View of the American Falls from the onservation gallery before the Canadian falls.
A wild, wet moment in the Cave of the Winds ride. This is the most amazing tour - taking you right below the American falls. Taken from the "Hurricane deck". "Security is man's greatest enemy" surely applies to the yellow raincoats!
View of the double American falls taken early in the "Cave of the Winds" tour. At this point, it seemed nice and warm and dry.
View from one of the galleries straight down. Notice the rainbows - with water droplets all around, you'll see hundreds of these all around. I liked the contrast brought about by the unknown flowers.
A broader picture - from the Cave of the Winds ride, of one of the American falls.
Cave of the Winds ride - watching others on the hurricane deck.
View of the observation gallery before the Canadian falls. Canada lies in the far end. The horseshoe falls is conveniently located to give both sides - US and Canada - a decent view.
The visitors' information center at the falls. Nice and colorful in the summer months.
Niagara at night - with the myraid colors flooded from the Canadian side.
Another view of Niagara at night.
The tall observation tower, unfortunately, lies on the Canadian side.
A view from one of the visitors' galleries. That's a Maid of the Mist ferry making it's way to a closer view of the falls.
Looking down at people taking the Cave of the Winds tour.
Waiting in line for the tours to begin. As in most parks, the excitement lies more in the anticipation stage - the waiting is too long, the tour is too short!
A general view of the park. From the steps leading down from the visitors' information center, cafetaria, etc.
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