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Our first stop on entering Vermont - at this wonderful rest area.
Littleton Motel, our stay for the night.
The interior of the motel- all nice and cozy.
A lake on Saco river. Just after sunset, saturday. (About an hour back, I lost my teeth).
The visitor's center at the Flume Gorge. This is where you get to pay $10 for wanting to see a mountain and a brook.
Interior decor, visitor's center, Flume.
Aerial view of the mountains - from the ropeway ride.
Mountains, clouds, shadows, sun. The flow of words reminds me of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers album that starts Blood, Sugar, ...
For some reason, everybody stood to attention as I took this snap. Trekking along the Flume.
Walking by the Flume Gorge.
More of the Flume.
One of the lakes that the waters of the flume drain into.
The fork in the road. The road less travelled. Hogwash. Hogwarts. Harry Potter rules!
Taking a break - midway into the trek along the flume.
One of the covered bridges along the flume trek.
Walking aolng the flume trek path. Not much of a trek, though.
The Flume.
Tiny waterfalls along the flume.
Another view of the lake.
Observation points at the top of the mountain, ropeway ride.
Walking along the path to the top, ropeway ride.
This is where the ropeway dropped us, near the top of the mountain.
Aerial view of the greenery, ropeway ride. Don't miss the shadow of our car.
One of the two active cars in the ropeway. Counter balanced, carries some 80 people and their skiing equipment, has a trap door in the center to drop you straight down.
On our way down, from the ropeway.
The lake around the area, as viewed from the ropeway ride.
Inside one of the caves in the Polar Caves park.
Kanishka about to get trapped. At this point, we were still on the watchout for polar bears in the Polar Caves.
More of the caves. By now, we know there are no bears around, only the cartoons on the direction markers. The two X's on the rock face are created by some mineral deposits. That's what they said - I'm just copying stuff here.
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