The Times Square. Shortly after getting out of the subway. On our way to buy the Broadway show tickets.
The Apple Tour buses. Tourists can take these tours to go around the city - they allow you to get down at any point, and get up any time, anywhere to anywhere in a defined route through the city. The tours come on packages of 24 hours and 48 hours. 
Standing in the lobby of the Empire State Building. From the left, Kanishka Lahiri and Pankaj Kumar Chauhan. We squeezed in the trip to this building in the time we had to wai tfor the broadway show to begin.
View from the gallery of the Empire State -  82nd floor. The very top was not open to the public. The tallest structure with the metalled spire is the Chrysler building. The day was hot, humid and hazy - so the horizon is faded out.
 Another view from the Empire State. Downtown Manhattan with it's abundant skyscrapers and perpendicular network of Roads and Avenues.
 View from the Empire State towards the Twin Towers (World Trade Center). 
 From the Empire State, towards uptown. The huge green area (seen faded out) that comes after the array of skyscrapers is the Central Park.
 One of the corridors inside the Empire State. The building was made in the 30's, and looks like it - devoid of the modernizations one expects in a skyscraper of that size.
 Macy's of New York is supposed to be the world's biggest store - covering one entire block. Did not have time to check it out.
 A funny snap - of how distortions can make a new skyscraper look old and about to fall off. The reflection is of a building on the other side o the street - and a pretty new one, too.
 A vertical shot of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Straight up to a hundred and ten floors above ground - unlike the Empire State with it's tapered top. Much more modern in looks and in construction.
 View from the top floor of the WTC towards the southern end of Manhattan. The island on the right end is Governor's island. The one on the left is ??
 Sunset from the open-air rooftop of the WTC. Have fun trying to figure out which building is casting the long shadow. The view is of Newark, New Jersey.
 New York at night (well, not quite - but it was 9pm already, and the sky does not get totally dark for quite some time more). The streaks of bright light are the avenues (north-south). The tall structure with a lighted spire is the Empire State. 
 Broadway / Times Square at night. Roughly the same spot as the first snap. Note the increasing crowd - New York is as crowded as Calcutta during the Durga Pujas - after 11pm every day, as all the clubs open at 11pm and close at 9am. This was around 10pm - after 12, it was tough walking on the streets - with pedestrian traffic jams.