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Venice beach, LA. This broken pipe gave off bursts of water every time a wave hit the open end (not seen).
Universal Studios, Hollywood - studio directory. Somewhere near the entrance to the park.
The entry to the Jurassic Park ride complex. Universal Studios, Hollywood.
One of the stages in the Jurassic park ride was entry into a dark cave and coming out into the land of dinosaurs.
The dino at the end of the tunnel (shown above).
Among the various sets covered in the tram tour was this one from Jurassic Park.
The scene from the new Psycho movie.
A replica of a New York street in the Universal Studios. Note the illusion of the street continuing at the turn - the set actually ends there.
Another set in the Universal Studios, Hollywood.
A scene from the Waterworld show at the Universal Studios. Thisis towards the end, where the bad guys come in and set fire to everything.
My batchmate - Dibyojyoti Banerjee (center) - and his friends before the Universal Studios.
Leaving Los Angeles - taken from the plane (obviously).
The mountains of the west.
A pretty picture of sunset 10,000 meters above the earth.
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